ESL Program

Our goal is to provide our students with excellence in English education. We are dedicated to our students’ success and strive to provide the best environment possible to help them achieve their goals. Our college provides a warm supportive environment, and our staff and teachers are sensitive to the needs of our culturally-diverse student population. We also provide specific programs to complete our diploma Program.

Students will have opportunities to acquire the basic to intermediate knowledge of English skills not only to understand the lectures but also to pursue the co-op work at Canadian work places.

Our staff is composed of professional instructors of English as a Second Language. Our teachers are energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated to the overall success of our students. Many of our instructors have lived and worked outside of Canada, which equips them to provide the support and care that is necessary to make our students’ Canadian visit a memorable and successful one.

Students who study at Central College can expect a positive, student-centered learning environment which guarantees high levels of achievement in their language study. To maximize learning, class sizes are small, with a limit of 12 students per class. We pride ourselves on offering clean, comfortable and modern facilities. Always, our focus is to help our students move from learning the language to using the language in an authentic and natural environment.

Central College has established a reputation of being a caring and reputable college in Vancouver. Students quickly come to understand that our standards are high but our results are equally impressive!